AA denies Tatmadaw capture a training camp 1

The Arakan Army denies the Tatmadaw’s claim that it seized a training camp of the AA located 2000 meters west of Chay Yar Daw village during regional clearance operations in Sittwe Township.

The AA’s spokesperson said that it was not their training camp and the Tatmadaw’s announcement was just a fabrication.

The AA’s Information officer Khaing Thukha insists: “No training camps used by the AA have been captured recently. It’s just a cheap shot at spreading disinformation intentionally.”   

The Tatmadaw said its troops on 2 August captured a training camp facility with six trenches, a field to assemble members and three huts. They also seized two pairs of uniforms, 33 pairs of civvies, 14 pieces of groundsheets and tarps, 8 knives, a mobile phone and digging tools.

On 3 August, the Tatmadaw troop also seized 500 wooden guns for shooting practice, 6 detonators, 3  boxes of point five bullets, 13 huts, 60 shovels and hoes, 40 post-hole diggers, 50 knives, one mobile phone, rice and other food, 3 bags of  a wide variety of medicine and other supplies at a location 1500 meters west of Chay Daw Yar village, the Tatmadaw announced.

The announcement about the seizure includes four photos showing medical supplies, garments, wooden rifles and a pot full of unidentified food in a kitchen.