Art from discarded tires 1

The artworks come in the form of fashionable dresses, decorative clocks, belts, and even bonsai trees. Phung used to remove big tires for work and recycle them into tires for bicycles over 30 years ago. The idea of turning tires into furniture and decorative objects came to Phung three years ago after visiting a friend’s garage and seeing a mess of discarded tires.

As a person who’s always been keen on new ideas and understands tire structure, he started creating simple items like handbags, belts, furniture and clocks and then more sophisticated artistic objects like buildings and bonsai trees. As the creator of over 500 products made from discarded tires, he has been granted the Viet Nam Book of Records’ certificate for possessing the biggest collection of products made from used tires in Viet Nam.