Celebrating the life of Hazel Chung 1

Scores of prominent figures of the Balinese dancing scene pay tribute to an old friend from a faraway land who has dedicated her life to introducing the island’s traditional dances to a broader audience.
Professor Made Bandem, 74, invited American dancer Hazel Chung, 85, onto the stage and convinced her to dance with him.
The audience broke into loud applause as the two elderly yet energetic dancers performed the Baris warrior dance.
The performance was reminiscent of an episode that took place some 60 years ago, when they performed the same dance at a temple festival in Celuk village, Gianyar regency, Bali.
At that time, Bandem was a teenage boy learning dances from his father, the famous I Made Keredek of Singapadu, while Chung was an accomplished ballet dancer studying Baris from dance maestro I Nyoman Kakul.
Protege: Hazel Chung (left) had the opportunity to stud…