Chaplain Service joins PNP internal cleansing
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MANILA — The Philippine National Police (PNP) Chaplain Service joined the reformative program aimed at instilling strict discipline, reform, and internal cleansing among erring police personnel.

In an advisory Wednesday, the PNP said Chaplain Service officer-in-charge Col. Lucio A Rosaroso Jr. conducted values formation and spiritual enhancement seminar as part of the 30-day training of 43 police officers under the PNP Internal Cleansing Strategy at the PNP Training Service facility in Subic, Zambales last August 8.

“As part of the institutionalized transformation program of the PNP to attain a highly capable, effective and credible police service, it is imperative that all our PNP personnel will be transformed from within with sound moral and spiritual values,” Rosaroso said.

The PNP Chaplain Service plays a vital role in the prevention phase, which aims to deter PNP personnel from being involved in illegal activities and reformation phase that aims to reform erring PNP personnel through spiritual and moral enhancement activities.

Aside from conducting moral and values formation activities in the PNP Internal Cleansing Strategy, the PNP Chaplain Service is also tasked to identify and train a pool of volunteer Values and Life Coaches composed of church ministers, lay leaders, pastors, imams and priests to be assigned throughout the organization.

The PNP Internal Cleansing Strategy aims to prevent police abuses and to identify and weed out defiant PNP personnel, particularly those who are engaged in illegal activities, and impose corrective and punitive measures. It also aims to instill in all PNP personnel a strong sense of commitment, dedication, and responsibility to police work geared towards a God-centered, service-oriented and family-based life.

This strategy has five phases of implementation — prevention, reformation, validation, case build-up and negation or the conduct of appropriate police action or legal offensive against PNP personnel involved in illegal activities.

“As the PNP celebrates the 118th Police Service Anniversary, the PNP Chaplain Service is one with our Chief PNP, Police General Oscar D Albayalde in realizing a truly transformed police who exemplifies love of God, country and people and inspired by their families,” Rosaroso said.

The PNP chief earlier led the Squad Leaders and Life Coaches Summit at the Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City last August 5 attended by 6,000 PNP personnel and life coaches from different religious denominations.

Albayalde said the newly launched program will be a more effective re-training program to correct misdemeanors and other less serious prohibited acts committed by errant police personnel.

“I imposed strict discipline, reform and internal cleansing to this organization. Thus, heeding my call to develop esteemed and highly reputable police personnel, the PNP Training Service launched the 30-day Focused Reformation/Reorientation and Moral Enhancement for Police Officer in Line with Internal Cleansing Efforts (FORM POLICE),” added. (PNA)