Controversial Romanian Anton Caragea, four others to visit
Myanmar 1

The government is running checks on the other four members of the delegation that Caragea submitted to the Myanmar Embassy in Vienna to accompany him to Myanmar, which is seen by The Myanmar Times.

The EU said last week that Mr Caragea’s “council” is “not in any way related or associated with the EU or the EU’s institutions and bodies” even though the name sounds official. Australian academic Lee Morgenbesser, who wrote about the history of the Romanian before, recommended Myanmar officials to tread cautiously around him.

Caragea has been handing out tourism “awards” from a “European Council” to authoritarian regimes around the world. He has given the award to Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen in 2017. The so-called award was offered by “the Office of the President of ECTT” to U Henry Van Thio who was also “elected as a member” of the European Tourism Academy.

Caregea was to hand the award to the vice president on September 29.

It is unclear whether the authorities will call off the trip for Mr Caragea. Multiple phone calls to the President’s Office, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the last few days failed to elicit an official response.

Below are the backgrounds of Caregea’s delegation as compiled by The Myanmar Times:

1.       Mirea Ionut Costea

Mirea Ionut Costea is listed as the “Director of European Academy”. He was , which involved former Romanian Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu and former MP Cristian Boureanu. Costea was accused of influence peddling and bribery or being an accomplice to bribery. Romanian authorities said he had to pay €1.5 million to settle the case.

2.       Mihai Prundianu

Mihai Prundianu is listed as the “chairman for trade committee of ECTT”.  He is a Romanian businessman who of the Romanian government secretary general Toni Grebla. , forgery and of setting up an organised criminal group in 2015. He is also accused of having received undue benefits from businessman Ion Bircin during 2008-2012 and . All the accused were acquitted by the High Court of Cassation and Justice in June 2019. 

3.       Pavel Avramoiu

Pavel Avramoiu is listed as the “director of hotels department, ECTT”. The , which has been seized by the DNA for investigation earlier this year. 

4.       Pop Stefan Zaharie

Pop Stefan Zaharie is listed as “head of tourism security evaluation department, ECTT”.

He was said to have authored a paper titled “” for the journal of Economic Computation & Economic Cybernetics Studies & Research issue 3/2017, volume 51.