Fighting Between Tatmadaw, SSPP in Tangyan Displaces
Hundreds 1

Most of the IDPs in the northern Shan State township are women, children and the elderly.

Clashes between the Burma Army and the Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) in northern Shan State’s Tangyan Township have displaced nearly 300 people.

The internally displaced people (IDPs) have taken refuge in Nawng Moon, Homang, and Taw Louk monasteries—about seven miles from Tangyan town—since Tuesday.

“Most of them are children, elderly people and women. Men often go to check on their homes in villages,” Tangyan local Sai Kyaw told SHAN.

Sai Kyaw added that Tatmadaw soldiers are still staying in and near the IDPs’ communities, so locals are worried that clashes will reignite.

“Local villagers tried to escape when the army columns entered their village. They were worried that clashes would occur,” Sai Kyaw said.
The IDPs have not reportedly received any humanitarian aid.

“We are trying to provide assistance. We are ready to help them,” Sai Pa, who is helping the IDPs, said.

Lt-Col Sai Su of the SSPP said that the Burma Army attacked the SSPP while troops were administering urine tests to identify suspected drug users in Tangyan.

“They attacked us while our forces were investigating drug cases. We arrested 29 drug users and sent them to a rehabilitation camp,” the lieutenant colonel said. “The Burma Army accused us of recruiting soldiers. Then they attacked us,” he added.

SHAN repeatedly tried to call Tatmadaw’s True News Information Team to obtain their comment on the clashes in northern Shan State, but receieved no response.
Despite an extension of the Tatmadaw’s own unilateral ceasefire in five military command regions, including Shan State, until August 31, clashes have repeatedly occurred in the region.