Flatworms found in over 200 sacrificed animals in
Blitar 1

The Blitar Food Security and Agriculture Agency found that at least 205 sacrificed animals slaughtered during Idul Adha (Day of Sacrifice) on Sunday, had been infected with flatworms (Fascioliasis) and pneumonia. 

Agency head Dewi Masitoh said the infected animals comprised cows and goats. 

“We found flatworms in 99 cows and 74 goats, and pneumonia in nine cows and 23 goats,” Dewi said on Monday.

She said the agency had cut off and did not distribute the insides of the infected animals, while emphasizing that the meat was safe for consumption. 

The agency recorded that 1,649 animals, including 1,226 goats, 422 cows and a water buffalo, had been slaughtered in Blitar on the Islamic holiday.

The agency has also urged the locals to cut off and throw out the insides of the sacrificed animals and separate them from the meat. 

“We also discouraged the residents from using nonfood-grade containers or plastics for safety reasons,” she said.