By Mario Casyuran

China is arrogant, Senator Richard J. Gordon said Wednesday.

Senator Richard Gordon (CZAR DANCEL / MANILA BULLETIN)

Senator Richard Gordon

Gordon said China does not care for laws that back up the Philippines’ claim over the contested West Philippine Sea (WPS).

China has stated that it would not surrender or give an inch of its territory to any country despite a 2016 ruling of the United Nations (UN) Arbitration Court that rejected China’s ‘’historical’’ claim over most parts of the South China Sea.

The Court decision favored the Philippine claim over the West Philippine Sea, a part of the South China Sea.

“The law is all on our side. Lahat – Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Constitution, Arbitral ruling, the UNCLOS (UN Convention on the Law of the Sea), they are all on our side. But China doesn’t care. They are arrogant,’’ Gordon said.

‘’I thought I was a friend of China pero makikita ko ngayon arogante kayo (I have seen how arrogant you are). Because it’s the South China Sea, amin iyan, wala kayong pakialam diyan. Hindi pwede iyon,” Gordon said in a television interview. (That is ours, you have no business being there. That should not happen.)

‘’Are you really our friend?’’ he asked as he recalled that the Philippines and China have been friends even before the arrival of the Spaniards.

Gordon also noted that if China lives in a world order of civility, they would take responsibility by giving the names and let the Philippines investigate them.

He was referring to the ramming by a Chinese vessel of a Filipino fishing boat and abandoning the 22 Filipino fishermen as their boat started to sink at the Recto Bank within the WPS area.

Gordon said China, as a good neighbor, should pay damages, replace the boat rammed by the Chinese vessel and submit to the Philippine government the names of those aboard the vessel for court litigation as the fishermen seek justice.

‘’Sobra kayo. Kung halimbawa magkagulo, eh kung may namatay doon, nagkaroon ng riots dito? Gulo iyan. In Indonesia they had Chinese riots,” he added. (You are too much. Supposing there was violence and somebody died during the ramming, there will be riots here. There will be trouble.)