Hailstones fall on Limbang during heavy rain 1

|    Azlan Othman    |

HAILSTONES reportedly fell on the border town of Limbang during a bout of heavy rain last Tuesday.

Bruneian Hashim bin Ibrahim told Malaysian newspapers that he was on his way to visit relatives, when the phenomenon occurred at around 6.30pm.

“On arriving, I had to slow down, due to a strong wind coupled with heavy rain,” he said.

“But when I heard loud noises on the roof of my car, my thought was that it had been pelted with some hard objects.

“The noises were louder than the usual sound of falling rain, which made me uneasy, and I pulled over to the side of the road. That’s when I saw ice pellets hitting the car windows.

“I then got out of the car into a shower of hailstones, the size of my thumb.”

Limbang resident Suhaili bin Ibrahim said the incident occurred at around the same time the town’s Muslim community was breaking the fast for Ramadhan.

“I rushed home upon hearing my neighbour’s shouts,” he said.

“At first, I was quite apprehensive, but this turned into excitement on seeing hail for the first time.

“The pellets fell into the street for several minutes, and I wasted no time in gathering some for a closer look.”

This is the first reported occurrence of hail in the province. There were no reports of similar incidents in other areas within the Limbang Division.

Hailstones fall on Limbang during heavy rain 2