HK singer Joey Yung gets rare help from Jacky Cheung in her
concert 1

You know you have arrived in the Hong Kong entertainment scene when you can get God of Songs Jacky Cheung to help you kick off an 18-concert series.

On Monday (Aug 5), Joey Yung got a ringing endorsement from Cheung who popped up on stage at the Hong Kong Coliseum to share a duet of his song So Close Yet So Far.

Yung, 39, who posted a photo online, revealed that she had met him in a gym and asked if he could lend some stellar support.

Cheung told the crowd that he is not someone to dish out compliments but “I think Joey is humble, hardworking and self-reflective”.

He said Yung is ” worthy to be a model for younger singers to learn from”.

Yung, in turn, said his guest turn was easily one of the most memorable highlights in her 20-year career so far.

But her love life has not been so harmonious, with Yung breaking up with fellow singer Wilfred Lau early this year.

She then had to quash talk that she was dating the son of Emperor Group chairman Albert Yeung. The company manages her career.