At 11 am local time Friday, major national and regional radio stations broadcast the country’s national anthem, allowing residents in isolation to listen and sing together from behind closed doors.

A resident appears at his window, singing the national anthem.
Broadcasters including RAI Radio, Radio 105, Radio Capital, Radio Deejay, Radio Freccia and Radio Kiss Kiss took were among those taking part, as the death toll in Italy overtook China’s on Thursday to reach 3,405.

Many Italians threw open their windows and balcony doors to sing loudly with their neighbors.

Residents shared videos of the moment on social media, with the hashtag #radioperlitalia.

One video showed medical staff singing at a children’s hospital, and another showed a person listening in their car.

Others showed radios playing from balconies flying the Italian flag.

Confined to their homes, Italian neighbors sing together to boost morale
Last week, residents of Siena, a city in Tuscany, leaned out of their windows and broke into spontaneous song, in a moment captured in a video posted on Twitter. The tweet has been liked more than 138,000 times.

And in a separate video shared on Facebook, neighbors in apartment blocks in Naples could be seen on their balconies, singing and chanting upbeat messages such as “go Italy, go Naples!” and “there is no virus that can beat us.”