Java Loca Trio: music with novelty and style 1

LOVERS of music Michael Tambasen, Rich Ann Peñaroyo, and Charles Kevin Tan grouped themselves into a Java Loca trio who plays a musical genre that is inspired by Jazzers of different rhythm and style, swing, funk, soul, blues, latin and a taste of postmodern jukebox.

Java Loca interprets and plays tunes from old to modern style and modern to old style, thus creating a sound of novelty and originality.

Tambasen said that their trio shows their versatility in music that can take somebody to the dance floor or drive him so to sing-along with them with his favorite music.

Peñaroya’s musical edge is in bossanova, rhumba, salsa and samba.

She can also pitch a wide range of disco and ballad tunes for all seasons and can hit the dance floor with grace.

Tan, a crooner of all sorts and a jack-of-all-trades as he can perform well with jazz to funk to pop and classical styles.

Tan is also a professional host who can fire up a show with savvy.

Tambasen has his mastery in hitting the keys with versatility and artistry. A “Master-of-None” yet a “Few-of-Everything.”

Tambasen plays well with his piano, saxophone and drums.

He has a playlist of jazz standards, smooth jazz and classical music.

See the trio in their gigs in Bacolod City.