Particularly, Lopez’s feather coat, a piece custom made by Versace, struck a note with viewers.

The inside of the garment featured the Puerto Rican flag, while the United States flag was on the outside.

When Lopez walked out on stage with it, she held her arms out so the flag of her heritage was prominently featured. It wasn’t until she turned that the entire piece was revealed.

Stylist Mariel Haenn revealed on Instagram that the coat had 40,000 red, blue and white feathers that were “individually sewn in.”

Additionally, each star on the US flag had 40 Swarovski crystals and the Puerto Rican star had “2,000 crystals all individually placed,” she wrote.

Viewership data on Shakira and Lopez’s halftime show is expected Monday.

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the big game. It was the team’s first Super Bowl win in 50 years.