Do not attempt a dance-off against contemporary cowboy Lil Nas X. Seriously, he and his high-steppin’ horse will out-groove all who cross him — though Sam Elliott’s mustache did its darndest with that worm. Sentient facial hair aside, the competition clearly belonged to Lil Nas X, who scored the Cool Ranch Doritos and left town (also called the Cool Ranch, of course) and set back down the Old Town Road.


At last, our national ordeal is over — could this be the very last Tide commercial we’re forced to endure this telecast? And in this iteration, Charlie Day FINALLY got that pesky stain out of his shirt with Tide Power Pods, which is shocking considering he stained his shirt in his 30s and is now presumably at least in his 70s. And at the end of it, he still ends up with an ice cream smudge on his cardigan. And the cycle begins again.


Maisie Williams sings “Let It Go,” Queen Elsa’s anthem from “Frozen.” Why? Couldn’t tell you. Not a clue. But Arya Stark inspires the drivers and inanimate objects around her to break into song, too. It might be the new electric Audi and the promise of a greener future that stirs her soul. Or maybe it’s just a passion for Disney.

Every Procter & Gamble brand

This ad squeezed seven brands into a minute-long clip: Old Spice, Head and Shoulders, Bounty, Olay, Charmin, Febreze, Mr. Clean … PHEW. Did we miss any? This was exhausting to watch. There’s Sofia Vergara, and now Rob Riggle in a muscle suit and hey, is that Busy Phillips again? What were they all selling? EVERYTHING!


No Clydesdales this year — Budweiser opted to honor the everyday awesomeness of regular Americans who drink the beer. They fight fires, they take the shirts off their backs to give to people without them, they win championships and they drink Budweiser. Most life-affirming beer commercial this year, check.


Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring earlier today. But after that, he buckled into Bill Murray’s Jeep for a spin around town — and another one, and another one. The two developed an unlikely friendship as Murray was forced to relive the hellish Groundhog Day premise. At least they did it together.