TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Kuomintang (KMT) should drop all references to the contested “1992 Consensus” in the run-up to next January’s elections, according to ex-Premier Simon Chang (張善政), the head of the advisory team to the opposition party’s presidential candidate, Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜).

Following his nomination at a KMT congress last Sunday (July 28), Han picked Chang, who was reportedly preparing an independent presidential bid himself, as his top adviser.

The KMT candidate should abandon the term “1992 Consensus” that there was “One China and each side could have its own interpretation,” since China never accepted the latter part, Chang said, according to a report in the Liberty Times.

The term had become “polluted” and almost synonymous with the “One China, Two Systems” Beijing had imposed on Hong Kong, the former premier said.
Instead, Han should adopt the new formula “One China under the Constitution, Taiwan First,” which Chang described as more neutral.

The presidential candidate should give the public a different impression to set himself apart from the KMT, Chang reportedly said.

In a radio interview Tuesday (July 30), he denied that his appointment would automatically lead to Han picking him as his vice presidential running mate. His new function as chief adviser and the vice presidency were two completely separate things, Chang insisted, adding that in the end, he might still be happy to leave politics and live in Hualien.

The two most important policy issues Han needed to focus on were relations with China and the concerns of young voters, Chang emphasized. He said graduates should be looking for jobs in the digital sector and in e-commerce, and not at high-tech firms, while the government should pay attention to meeting their housing and study needs, the Liberty Times reported.