Laos Expected To Record Greater Number Of Chinese
Visitors 1

Laos Expected To Record Greater Number Of Chinese
Visitors 2

By: Keutkhuanchai Malychansy

(KPL) Laos has been expected record greater number of Chinese tourists this year. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has confirmed it will work with other countries to promote tourism in Asian.

The Asian Culture and Tourism Exhibition was held on May 16 in Beijing, China. The event witnessed representatives of over 47 Asian countries.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Bosengkham Vongdara noted that tourism is an economic sector that is growing continuously and rapidly in many countries in Asia and worldwide.

“The government of the Lao PDR has prioritized tourism as one of major economic sectors in the national socio-economic strategic plan by focusing on cultural, historical and natural tourism policies to attract international visitors to visit Laos, especially Chinese tourists,” said Minister Bosengkham.

Last year, the government successfully launched the campaign Visit Lao Year 2018 under the theme “Visit Laos, Experience the Diversity of Nature, Culture and History and received more than 4 million foreign visitors, an increase of 8% year on year. The number of Chinese visitors alone reached more than 799,900, rising by 25% compared to 2017.

“In order to strengthen cooperation on tourism between Laos and China, the two governments of Laos and China have conducted various tourism activities and has officially launched Visit Laos-China Year 2019 and thus many activities have been scheduled in both Laos and China including seminars on the Laos-China tourism promotion, Laos-Chinese traditional musical and cultural events, among others,” said the minister.

“It is expected that in 2021 the high-speed railway between China and Laos will be completed, so, it would be a good sign for both countries to enhance connectivity, further strengthen our bilateral cooperation, especially on tourism,” said the minister.

Last year Chinese visitors made over 160 million overseas trips and more than 140 million foreign tourists visited China. The visits played an important role in promoting exchanges and mutual learning between China and the rest of the world.