Latest trend in family travel: Gramping 1

Remember those good old days when you would visit your grandparents for the holidays? According to , that trend has changed. It is no longer about visiting your grandparents, but going on a vacation with your grandparents.

Gramping, a nice twist on the portmanteau glamping (glamorous camping), leaves one generation out of the picture, as grandparents go on holiday with their grandchildren. Not only does this help them bond with one another, but it also relieves parents of their day-to-day responsibilities.

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 argues that gramping is suitable for big milestones in the grandchildren’s life, such as graduation, birthday or other special occasions.

However, both generations need to make some compromises on such a vacation. The children should take some responsibility in planning, and the grandparents should be willing to participate in youthful activity. (dev/kes)