Mandalay targets people living illegally in city
housing 1

“After squatters were removed from Kannar street by city authorities, over 1500 rental apartments were built in 2015 and were allocated to people,” said U Than Zaw Tun, deputy head of the MCDC administration department.

“However, they didn’t follow the rules and some sublet the apartments or sold them. People have been staying in them illegally or dealing drugs, so action will be taken this year against those who don’t follow the rules.”

“In the over 1500 apartments, only about 500 of the original tenants are still living there.  The regulations prohibited sub-letting. As about 1000 people are illegally living there, it is difficult to drive them out. Starting in October, a fine of K100,000 was imposed on each illegal dweller. We waited for a certain time for those who couldn’t afford it. Over 1300 have been registered and will soon face action,” U Than Zaw Tun said.

There are over 400 rental units in Sabei Housing, over 1000 in Hninshi Housing in Mintay Eikinn ward, and over 140 in Gangaw Housing in Nyaunggwe ward on Kannar street. Although Kannar road, used to be a safe place for people to hide due to a lack of streetlights, lampposts were put up by the regional government last year.

As the rules of rental housing have long been in place, it’s important to handle violations as soon as possible, said U Myint Aung Moe, MP for Chan Mya Tharsi constituency 2.

“As these problems were not effectively handled, there are even drug dealers now. There are still many squatters, so it will take time to solve these issues, U Myint Aung Moe said. – Translated