Mite Yine defeats Cambodian fighter 1

The fighters appeared even matched but contested fiercely throughout the five rounds. In the first round, both fighters just tested another but after a while, they intensified their attacks against each other.

The pair traded strong punches and kicks throughout a match that was full of thrills for the fans.

As Mite Yine, also known as Shwe Phu, managed to analyse the weaknesses of his opponent more quickly, he managed to land more blows as the bout progressed. 

Morn Samet, however is an experienced fighter, and was able to defend against Mite Yine’s attacks very well. During the second round, one high kick from Mite Yine hit him squarely but his experience and stamina saved him from going down.

Over the fice rounds, both tried out to knock out each other but neither quite succeeded. 

As there was no knock-out during all rounds, the bout was decided on points and two referees favoured Mite Yine who was able to use his attacking opportunities better.

Ba Hein came out as winner in a match up with Min Htet Kyaw over three rounds while Than Zaw vs Hein Tun Aung match up was stopped by referee in fourth round. Aung Aung Htoo lost to Saw Min Min for injuries. 

Thway Thit Aung beat David Mccarthy from Ireland on points and Burutlek from Germany TKOed Kyaw Zin Latt in the first round.

In the women’s matches, Huynh Ha Huu Hieu from Vietnam beat Eh Eh of Myanmar on points.

It was the first Myanmar traditional lethwei fight for Eh Eh so, it could be said that she is inexperienced and had to fight defensively against her Vietnamese opponents. But she held firmly for three rounds and it showed her determination. 

Although there were some problems for main bouts before the WLC-8 KAREN SPIRIT event started, it was a satisfying event for lethwei lovers.