‘Mortal Kombat’ still a bloody, fun gaming
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Aging like fine red-blood wine, video game franchise Mortal Kombat has returned. This time history has been wiped clean (somewhat), setting up the combats with a clean slate.
There are also significant changes in the underlying controls, changing the pace of the fights quite noticeably. Of course ,the game’s iconic violent finishing moves, aka “fatalities”, remain as creative and brutal as ever.
A deep focus on the character unlocking system, however, might end up being its double-edged sword, trying to add depth to the franchise’s single player experience but instead feeling like a grind. 
Mortal Kombat 11’s main narrative features the major appearance of an alternate timeline courtesy of the new main baddie Kronika, providing the game with opportunities to do interesting things such as time-hopping into older Mortal Kombat&…

‘Mortal Kombat’ still a bloody, fun gaming
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