NOHS students get free medical, dental service 1

THE Negros Occidental High School Batch 1985 held a medical and dental mission in cooperation with the Bacolod City Health Office, Negros Occidental Provincial Health Office, Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital, Office of Cong. Greg. Gasataya, volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses, and other benefactors.

This was held at the school campus Sunday, July 28, and 200 students availed of the free medical and dental service.

“It is with great pride and honor that we present to you our 2nd medical and dental mission in Negros Occidental High School. Very much like the inaugural mission the last time, we endeavor to provide the students, faculty and my fellow batch mates with much needed proper healthcare. Strategically positioned inside this Social Hall are 3 stations: the medical, dental and optical stations – all manned with working medical professionals ready to dispense their respective expertise. They will be catering to the needs of at least 200 students, faculty members and the whole of batch ’85 – who, in addition to these services, will exclusively receive 100 free reading glasses at the optical station. For the students, they will also be given haircuts thru the courtesy of the barbers of the Negros Occidental 303rd brigade,” said Noel Iligan, president of Batch 1985.

He added sometimes overlooked but extremely vital, the need to track medical conditions is often put off with devastating effects later on. Added to that is the rising cost of medicine which usually compounds everything to irreversible and at times deadly outcomes.

“With this mission, we hope to address that concern and help ease the burden most of us have hanging on our shoulders. We also hope to inspire everyone to pay more attention to their health, educate ourselves the importance of proper health care, and ridding with what could be detrimental to our physical well-being. Prevention is always key…and it is a lot cheaper too,” he said.

“As an alumni of this distinguished school, they feel it’s their duty to give back to what was and still is our second home. We find it imperative that to start young is always best. The youth and proper healthcare usually do not complement each other. When it finally does, it’s usually, too late. This is where we come in and share our wisdom of the need for early and proper medical care and hope that we shall have wisely invested well in them for their own sake and well-being,” he added.

Bacolod Rep. Gasataya said his office will continue to help this kind of program that will benefit the community.