NU’EST’s Aron helps save child on board 1

NU’EST member Aron played a significant role in saving a young girl’s life on an airplane.

According to Asiana Airlines, an eight-year-old girl named Choi, accompanied by her mother, boarded the same plane with NU’EST on July 8.

Approximately an hour and a half after boarding, Choi began to show symptoms of a sudden seizure, including high fever and stomach aches.

Aron stepped forward to act as an interpretator between Choi’s mother and the doctor who did not speak Korean.

A source who was aboard the plane shared, “Aron was also not feeling well due to acute enteritis, but upon hearing about the urgent matter, he ran to the scene and did his best to convey the mother’s words to the doctor.”

NU’EST’s Aron helps save child on board 2
Aron with other members of NU’EST. – DISPATCH

After the doctor explained that Choi had to be treated immediately, the pilot made an emergency landing at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to transport Choi to the hospital right away.

Choi thanked all the passengers on the plane upon recovery and sent a handwritten letter with a drawing to thank Asiana Airlines.

NU’EST are known for their charity acts.

During their 7th year debut anniversary early this year, they made a donation to help cover cochlear implant surgery and language rehabilitation therapy for children, and funding music education programmes that help people with developmental disability connect to the world through music via Naver’s Happy Bean to The Snail of Love programme.