NYPD cop points gun at waitress’s head in Queens karaoke
lounge: police sources 1

An NYPD officer allegedly pulled his gun and pointed it at a waitress’s head while out drinking with his sergeant in a Queens karaoke lounge, The Post has learned.

The cop, Hyun Kim, 25, was arrested and charged with two counts of menacing in the incident, the NYPD confirmed Sunday.

Both Kim and his sergeant, Jung Kim, were suspended without pay, according to police and sources.

The encounter unfolded on Tuesday night when two cops got off work from the 115 Precinct in Jackson Heights and went out to a karaoke lounge, sources said. It was not known which lounge.

At one point in the night, one of the lounge’s waitresses noticed Hyun Kim’s gun and asked if he was a “gangster,” according to sources.

“No, I’m a cop and this is my boss,” the cop responded, pulling his gun and racking it, which scattered bullets and his magazine on the ground, according to sources.

The officer, who was believed to be drinking, then allegedly pointed the firearm at the woman, who hurried out of the room to report the encounter, police sources said.

When the owner came to the room to chat with the officers, Kim had the gun pointed at another waitress’s head, according to the sources.

The two officers argued with the owner and eventually left, leaving behind the cop’s magazine and bullets.

Kim was arrested Saturday afternoon and the NYPD referred all questions to the Queens District Attorney’s Office.