PSI reprimanded after car parked on sidewalk in front of
Jakarta HQ 1

The Central Jakarta Transportation Agency has reprimanded the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) following reports from internet users that a car was parked on the sidewalk in front of the party’s headquarters in Central Jakarta.

An image has circulated on Twitter since Tuesday showing a black sedan parked on the sidewalk in front of the PSI’s headquarters on Jl. Wahid Hasyim. The sidewalk was supposed to be for pedestrians who wanted to walk through the area.

Twitter user @Enggalpm also posted the photo in his account and the post was immediately flooded by comments from other users who criticized the fact that the car was parked over a yellow guiding line for blind pedestrians.

Harlem Simanjuntak, the agency’s head, said that they had reprimanded the owner of the car and executives of the PSI so that such a thing would not happen again.

“We will take an action [if such thing reoccur], such as to flatten the tires or to tow the car,” he said as quoted by

It was unclear who owned the car and whether it belonged to one of PSI’s members. Harlem said that the car was no longer parked on the sidewalk on Wednesday.

The head of PSI headquarters security, Ketut Arpada Yasa, said on Thursday that he would make sure the incident would not occur again in the future.

“I apologize to residents of Jakarta who felt disturbed by the incident, especially to the disabled whose rights had been violated,” he said. (gis/afr)