Teacher captures python with bare hands in West
Sulawesi 1

A teacher captured a python with her bare hands when the snake slid into the school building in Central Mamuju, West Sulawesi.

“It was the first time that I captured a snake. [I did this] because the students became hysterical and couldn’t concentrate on the lessons due to the snake’s presence,” said Putu Ayu the teacher of SMP 5 Tobadakan state junior high school on Friday as quoted by kompas.com.

Before the 2-meter-long snake entered the school, the study situation was calm as usual, Ayu said. Suddenly the students became hysterical when they saw a large python sliding into the school.

Without further ado, Ayu approached the python and attempted to capture it with her bare hands. She said the snake gave a good fight before finally other teachers and some brave students helped her to tie the snake’s mouth shut.

Afterwards, the headmaster asked nearby residents to move the snake to a safer place.

Ayu said this was not the first time that pythons had entered their school. (gis)