The unforgettable Rote Island 1

Rote Island in East Nusa Tenggara offers outstanding beaches with perfect waves, making it well known among surfers across the globe. But this is not its only charm.
The island also boasts many incredible panoramas, traditional crafts and food.
Surrounded by the Timor Sea and the Indian Ocean, Rote’s tropical climate makes staying there feel exotic. The island is accessible from the East Nusa Tenggara capital, Kupang, via sea or air transportation.
Not many people crowd the streets of the 1,200-square meter island because most of them are on the beaches to surf the surrounding ocean’s waves.
In just three days, tourists can easily visit up to six beaches because there are no traffic jams on the island. The access roads are winding and sometimes travelers have to go through village pathways to reach the island’s beaches or other amazing places.
Beaches are e…

The unforgettable Rote Island 2