There’s lots to do in Cambodia’s Siem Reap 1

Siem Reap is a one-horse town that basically caters to tourists who come to see the famous Angkor temples, some of which have been painstakingly and miraculously restored. Many are mere ruins and rubble but still full of magic and mystery. And others have become famous through movies like the Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones, full of magnificent wild fig tree roots, which grew around the temples after they were abandoned.

What no one tells you about is the exhausting level of heat and humidity almost all year round (maybe slightly less from December through March). So my advice… spend a day — or two — more than planned. You’ll need it. Don’t rush the temples. Slow down the pace and enjoy the welcoming hospitality of a very sweet bunch of people. Please also remember that Cambodia has experienced hardship and political turmoil for many years. So be patient and you’ll receive kindness beyond belief.

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