UTB student creates interactive VR film to raise awareness
on bad driving behaviour 1

|    Danial Norjidi    |

AN interactive virtual reality (VR) film aimed at raising awareness on bad driving behaviour related to impatience was among those to feature at the recent Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) Project Showcase 2019.

Entitled, ‘Bad Driver Behaviour: Impatient’, the interactive VR film was created by UTB student Muhammad Qutbul Islam bin Haji Suhaimi.

The project’s aim and objective is to change driver behaviour from “overconfident” into “road safety first”, and involved creating an application for an interactive VR film that allows users to experience bad driving behaviour and their consequences in VR film format.

Users wear VR headsets and are put into immersive driving scenarios, where they are able to interact by making decisions in each situation. These choices are selected by looking at the desired action when they are displayed in the headset. The users then get to see the consequences of their actions in VR.

Speaking on his project, Muhammad Qutbul explained, “The theme is about bad driver behaviour, which is impatience. What I’m trying to do here is create an interactive VR film in order to bring the audience to make them feel the impact of the accidents.”

“There are two scenarios, currently. The first one is tailgating, and the second one is overtaking,” he noted.

UTB student creates interactive VR film to raise awareness
on bad driving behaviour 2
Muhammad Qutbul Islam bin Haji Suhaimi. – RAHWANI ZAHARI

“The interactivity is via decision-making,” he said. As an example, he noted that one decision is about when to overtake. “If they choose the wrong one, there will be an accident.”

He shared that in the future he hopes to add more scenarios. “Also, this project is not just to create awareness, but also to see how VR effectively gives an impact to the public.”

According to the project’s results and conclusion, which were displayed during the showcase, the use of the interactive VR film “has increased the awareness on the issue of road traffic accidents, especially for the young adult generation”.

“Through the testing of the prototype with the students, they agreed that they will be more careful and think of safety first after experiencing the virtual accident and recommended to use this interactive VR to educate people about road safety.”

“In future improvement, there will be more realistic experiences because some of the students agreed that realism affects their experience,” it was shared. “The immersiveness of the VR film was a success because both scenarios made the audience shocked when they were inside the virtual accident.”

The ‘Bad Driver Behaviour: Impatient’ interactive VR film was one of the 322 projects featured at the UTB Project Showcase 2019 that took place on May 18. The showcase was held with the aim of creating a platform for students and academic staff to disseminate their research findings, exchange ideas with stakeholders and strengthen future research activities and collaboration with industries.